Assessment 1/31/2024

The current social media, management, creative and evaluation/outcomes. 

  • What is the general management?
  • What is the creative approval process?  
  • What is the evaluation of outcomes?
  • Bridget is responsible for the AI Brand

The Creative Approval Process 

Content generated by specific department or program  Goes to Bridget for review, feedback, and final approval  Department or program indicates desired posting date  Bridget posts approved content. 

The Approval Process

The Approval Criteria (Bridget’s Boxes to check for approval):

• Does it meet brand guidelines? 

• Does it uphold the brand? 

• Is it appropriate? 

• Does it make sense? 

• Does it support the department goals? 

The Management Process

1. Coordinator creates content in Canva. 

2. Coordinator has a folder that is shared with Bridget. 

3. The completed post labeled by date and platform is put in the folder. 

4. Any captions, hashtags and/or handles that are needed to accompany the post are put in a document that is loaded in the same folder as the completed material. 

5. The coordinator alerts Bridget when the posts are in the folder and need to be scheduled. 

6. Bridget loads the post on to Social Champ with hashtags, handles and captions. 

7. Bridget keeps track of weekly figures for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


Bridget, reviews individual posts to assess reach.

Bridget, generates a status log (report) by platform for the week.

Our Successes

In general, our successes are identified platforms, personnel, and budget to support our social media presence.

• We have identified Canva as our design platform. 

• We have an in-house photographer who knows or is getting to know our community. 

• We use Smug Mug a photo storage platform. 

• Social Champ is our social media management tool. 

Our Weaknesses

In general, there is a disconnect between the department or program message and our overall AI institutional message. Also, there is a working cultural tendency to focus more on personalities rather than on the objective outcomes and metrics needed for success. 

• We need to evaluate our current social media management tool. The current tool is for one person, it does not support Instagram hashtags. 

• Spending too much time on overall message approvals in our departments or programs and how the message fits in the AI Brand overall. Who is our audience? 

• We need to identify reasonable goals for and transparency in our evaluation of outcomes. 

• We do not have an efficient process from creative, approval, to scheduling posting and evaluation of outcomes. 

The Evolution

In general, we know this is a process that is evolving and we will need to evaluate our successes and weaknesses every year. We also know there is a need for ongoing development of our departments, programs and Aquinas Institute message. 

See Chart (this is what we mapped out in our meeting).